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About Engaged Encounter


Engaged Encounter is based on the model of Worldwide Marriage Encounter. The concept was first developed in Detroit in 1968 and the first weekend was presented in 1974. In 1975, Engaged Encounter became a national entity.   The first Engaged Encounter weekend in Omaha was presented in 1977. Our ministry has spread to almost every continent. Weekends like this are happening throughout the United States and in over 30 countries throughout the year.


About the Engaged Encounter Weekend


The Engaged Encounter Weekend is an intense working weekend that allows you as a couple to focus totally on each other and preparing for your life as husband and wife. Through a series of presentations, writings, and shared exercises, the two of you will be challenged to explore many aspects of your relationship, your spiritual life, and your expectations of marriage in a deeper, more profound way than ever before.


The Weekend is an in-depth, private, personal marriage preparation experience within the context of Catholic faith and values.


The Weekend is built around a series of themes. These are:


  • The Family We Grew Up In – Our upbringing has influenced much of the way we lead our lives. Our family traditions and values impact our lives.   The family we grew up in is partly responsible for the expectations and attitudes we bring into our marriage.

  • Sacramental Marriage – Marriage in the Catholic Church between two baptized people is considered a sacrament.  Sacramental marriage is different from secular marriage because a sacramental marriage is blessed by the special graces given from God to help couples live their lives together.  Couples enter into a covenant, not a contract. The bond is permanent and unites the couple with God in their relationship.

  • Communication – Couples need to be open with each other about all areas of their lives together.  Today’s culture is centered on the individual, not the couple, resulting in ineffective communication between many couples.   We give couples the tools to communicate effectively and beyond just a surface level.

  • Intimacy – Intimacy is more than sex. It is connecting with another person physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually.   An intimate, loving relationship in all areas will result in a more satisfying physically intimate relationship.

  • Values – Values are things we believe are important. We make sacrifices to make them part of our lives. Establishing common values is essential to a successful marriage.


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